Modern Fashion: Aisha Oladiran On The 5 Things You Need To Lead a Successful Fashion Brand Today

Taking feedback to heart: Listening to constructive criticism is essential. I love my customers, they’re well traveled, educated and very fashionable- why wouldn’t I want to hear their opinions? When I hear feedback on suggested designs, colors, materials, etc. I try to always take the idea seriously and give it a chance- you never know where it will end up!

Many in the fashion industry have been making huge pivots in their business models. Many have turned away from the fast fashion trend. Many have been focusing on fashion that also makes a social impact. Many have turned to sustainable and ethical sourcing. Many have turned to hi tech manufacturing. Many have turned to subscription models. What are the other trends that we will see in the fashion industry? What does it take to lead a successful fashion brand today?

In our series called, “5 Things You Need To Lead a Successful Fashion Brand Today” we are talking to successful leaders of fashion brands who can talk about the Future of Fashion and the 5 things it takes to lead a successful fashion brand in our “new normal.”

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