Introducing Isha O Luxury

Isha O. Luxury is a women’s luxury footwear brand creating comfortable, elegant shoes at an affordable price-point made from the highest quality original Italian materials.

Founded in 2020 by Aisha Oladiran, Isha O. Luxury is built based on the belief that conveying one’s authentic self begins with personal style, and that style begins with footwear. As such, she’s developed a fashion brand that is focused on producing high quality shoes, made from exclusive Italian raw leather. The results are luxurious, comfortable and affordable shoes that make you look elegant.

“The inspiration of my fashion line is my environment and my determination for the betterment of women all over the world. My love for aesthetic and creativity is also an addition. I want women to be able to convey their authentic selves and this starts by wearing the right footwear. I also believe that what you wear should be affordable, make you look good and feel good.” – Founder and CEO, Isha Oladiran

The Fierce Collection is comprised of four original designs in two different colorways — a slipper, a mule, a gladiator sandal and a squared high heeled sandal. The collection features materials such as Italian suede, genuine calfskin leather, gold buckles, and leather insoles. The Fierce collection is made in a range of animal prints featuring bright and bold colors.

Every step of the production process – from hand drawing the designs and carefully creating the custom shoe (from stitching the shoes together and assembling all the finishing touches) is done in-house by Isha O. Luxury’s team.
“Our deep desire for creating beautiful ideas with an eye for fashion and creativity throughout each step of the development and the creation process, the collection is created with the comfort and style of our woman top of mind.”
– Founder and CEO, Aisha Oladiran

Isha O. Luxury aims to become a favorite one-stop shop for women looking for high quality, elegant, comfortable, and affordable footwear.

About Isha O Luxury: Isha O. Luxury was established in 2020 by Aisha Oladiran to create luxurious and elegant shoes for women. At Isha O Luxury, our goal is to inspire women to convey their authentic selves. We create luxurious, comfortable and affordable shoes. At Isha O. Luxury, we realize that style and elegance begin with the precise shoes. A fashion brand that is focused on producing high quality shoes, made from the highest and original Italian raw materials. We crave to satisfy your affection for shoes, and we offer heaps of alternative footwear and lots more.

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