Over the years, Stefan dropped incredibly crazy about Katherine, who later on shown to help you him you to she is an effective vampire

Over the years, Stefan dropped incredibly crazy about Katherine, who later on shown to help you him you to she is an effective vampire

Stefan spent my youth from the a nursing assistant on Italian court, along with several individual instructors, whenever you are Giuseppe still mistreated Stefan, Stefan focused on their studies and you can to provide themselves since good nobleman, having the ability the guy would be to work around certain some body

Species: vampire Event: Super power, very rate, awesome agility, very longevity, immortality, awesome data recovery, psychological handle, improved ideas, attention compulsion, telepathy, fantasy control, shapeshifting.

Stefan Salvatore was born Stefano Salvatore in Florence Italy to your July fifth, 1490 so you’re able to Conte Giuseppe Salvatore along with his girlfriend Contessa Salvatore. Stefan is the young aunt away from Damiano Salvatore whom never enjoyed Stefan. Their mommy passed away when Stefan try three years old, together with youngest of the Salvatore family members grew up barely recalling their mommy, simply remembering new sound regarding the girl voice therefore the smell like their aroma. Stefan’s delivery poor his mom and you will she at some point died due to dropping unwell if you are weak. Giued Stefan for his wife’s demise and you can been hitting him whenever he generated problems, of course, if the guy ashamed him prior to the almost every other nobles during the Italy.

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A year just after his mother’s dying, Giuseppe had other wedding build toward daughter away from an Italian matter, Valentina. Giuseppe overran the count’s territory inside Italy. Valentina provided delivery to a child when Stefan is eight, few years after she and you may Giued him Antonio. Stefan try kind for the their young cousin, while Damon addressed him such he previously Stefan.

Name: Stefano Salvatore Moniker(s): Stefan (everyone) Beginning Time: July 5th, 1490 Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Occupation: nobleman/aristocrat (former), nomadic traveller, high-school beginner

he was the best guy and you will slightly an enchanting if this stumbled on wooing the students females to your potential for a good of good use ily her originated.

In summer of 1507, whenever Stefan are seventeen, Baron von Swartzschild, an excellent German nobleman and you may a friend from Giue so you can Italy regarding Germany together with young, breathtaking dily to aid Katherine together with her recuperation from an awful problems, which in fact had severely weakened the guy already delicate state. Across the days, Stefan and you can Katherine invested enough time together with her as well as their dad’s had began sharing the latest candidates out-of it is possible to marriage between your a couple. however, Stefan’s sister, Damon came back about unnamed university he had been planning, and he stuck Katherine’s eyes into the attempts to acquire payback up against stefan by creating it a rival for damon due to his vanity, satisfaction and you may ego. stefan turned jealous and you may disappointed of the damon’s initiatives from flipping katherine toward a rival and he and you will damon eventually shared with her to select from the two of them for exactly who she planned to end up being her spouse. each of the fresh new brothers offered her for you personally to determine, additionally the evening just before she announced the girl bers and you will replaced blood having him, because she got selected him, far so you can stefan’s higher contentment. but once katherine established the woman for the had been one another astonished you to definitely she got selected they both, whenever she gave him or her one another lapis lazuli gold bands, bands which will help to cover her or him regarding sunshine just after it complete its changes to the vampires.

neither stefan nor damon could accept that it, arguing one to she must choose between each of them and you will which they cannot end up being great having revealing her, far so you’re able to katherine’s dismay. of the blood change that has taken place anywhere between him and katherine, stefan visited feel change and adjustments taking place inside the body and realized that the guy longed even more to have blood compared to ordinary peoples restaurants. in the long run, he went along to katherine’s chambers that have damon and her housemaid, gudren, who’d told him or her one to katherine are alone regarding the garden. this new salvatore brothers wanted katherine from the lawn however, wouldn’t discover the girl around.

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